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Basic 2D Graph Plotting
koolplot is freeware open-source. It is a very simple-to-use software library for drawing 2-dimensional graphs from C or C++ programs.
koolplot 2D C/C++ graph plotting library output
Sample koolplot output

* koolplot  and its source code come without any licencing restriction.
* koolplot is available for the MingW (GCC port) compiler. The current version of the WinBGIm library from Colorado University is required to be able to use and compile koolplot.
* koolplot comes pre-installed and ready to use with Quincy 2005 and Codeblocks-EP. If you have either Quincy or Codeblocks-EP, there is no need to download anything.

Download the koolplot library
koolplot curve drawing 2D Plot download library imageDownload koolplot v1.2 here   Library built with MingW 5.0.3
Library installation for MingW:
Copy headers koolplot.h, Plotdata.h, Plotstream.h, winbgitypes.h and BGI_util.h To your MingW #include directory.
Copy library libkoolplot.a to your MingW lib directory.

If you plan to re-build koolplot get the source code: Dowload open source koolplot C++ source code source - version 1.2 here.
To build the library, you may use the provided makefile under the MSYS system, or use the provided Quincy_2005 C/C++ IDE project file, libkoolplot [libkoolplot.a].PRJ

Using koolplot in C or C++ Programs

koolplot is the world's simplest graph plotting library. The 3-lines C program below shows how easy it is to use:

#include "koolplot.h"

int main()
  Plotdata x(-3.0, 3.0), y = sin(x) - 0.5*x;
  plot(x, y);
 return 0;
output image

 * Note that you can exit at any time from a koolplot output window by pressing any key.
 * You can make measurements on the graph by left-clicking the mouse cursor on a point. The graph coordinates of the point are displayed, and a colour marker dropped at that point.

Command line compilation:

Compile with:
gcc.exe -x c++ -mwindows -o aplot.o aplot.c
Link with
gcc.exe -mwindows -o aplot.exe aplot.o -lkoolplot
-lgdi32 -lcomdlg32 -luuid -loleaut32 -lole32 -lstdc++ -lsupc++

Quincy free IDE koolplot project or simply create a koolplot project with Quincy 2005 or Codeblocks-EP.

koolplot API Document
Programmers can consult the C koolplot documentation here : koolplot documentation

Sample koolplot Programs
Learning by example is always the best way. Enjoy browsing and modifying the examples available here .
The examples are packaged for Quincy 2005, but will work with MSYS or any MingW system that includes the current version of WinBGIm.

Modified: July 2006  -  Maintained by: koolplot maintainer